Portfolio of Music Photographs

Portfolio of Musical Artists and Bands photographed by Kevin Scanlon, Los Angeles-based editorial, entertainment, and advertising photographer.

Serj Tankian

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean


Jerry Cantrell


Dhani Harrison

Dhani Harrison

Adam Lambert


Lindsey Buckingham

Beck Hansen

My Chemical Romance



Linda Kay

Tim Armstrong

Nic Adler

Trent Reznor

Kota Wade

Chicano Batman

Henry Rollins

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar

Steven Malkmus + Beck Hansen


Luis & The Wildfires

DJ Gaslamp Killer

DJ Gaslamp Killer

Mark Mothersbaugh

The Knux

Rob Zombie

Giant Drag

DJ Quik

Pilar Diaz

Jimmy Eat World

Lenny Kravitz

T-Bone Burnett

Lenny Kravitz

Blake Shelton


Mari Iijima

Vacation Records

Neil Young

Katy Goodman

Toby Keith

My Chemical Romance

Bruce Greenwood

Gaby Moreno


Mark Everett


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